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Wall-Hung Toilet Packages: Space-Saving Elegance

Step into the realm of modern aesthetics with our handpicked collection of sophisticated wall-hung toilet packages. Designed to optimise your bathroom’s space and aesthetic value, these packages are a perfect fusion of form and function. Discover the epitome of minimalism and sophistication with our selection of wall-hung toilet packages.

Why Choose Wall-Hung Toilets?

Experience the art of space-saving elegance with our wall-hung toilets. Crafted to float effortlessly above the floor, they create an illusion of spaciousness, making even the cosiest of bathrooms feel open and inviting. Say goodbye to conventional designs and embrace the contemporary vibe that wall-hung toilets exude.

  • Unparalleled Modern Aesthetics: Each product is a testament to cutting-edge design and precise craftsmanship, brought to you by renowned brands such as Nero, Geberit, Lafeme, Oliveri, and more. Elevate your bathroom’s ambience with these visually captivating masterpieces.
  • Easy Cleaning for a Hassle-Free Life: Maintaining a pristine bathroom has never been easier. With our wall-hung toilets, cleaning becomes a breeze as the absence of floor contact leaves no room for dirt traps. Embrace a hygienic lifestyle without compromising on style.
  • Unrivalled Quality & Durability: At Bathroom Sales Direct, we take pride in offering only the finest bathroom products. Our wall-hung toilet packages are sourced from leading manufacturers, ensuring uncompromising quality, reliability, and longevity. Trust in the durability of our products to stand the test of time.
  • Complete Wall-Hung Toilet Packages: Experience the convenience of comprehensive packages, where each set includes the essential components – the wall-hung toilet bowl, cistern, and flush plate. Transform your bathroom with ease as you receive a complete solution in a single purchase.

Discover Our Featured Products

Geberit/Oliveri Oslo: A stylish and functional addition to your modern bathroom. It’s easy to install and eco-friendly with its WELS 4-Star rating for water efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of a dual-flush cistern and the comfort of a soft-closing toilet seat. The Geberit cistern comes with a warranty of up to 15 years, while the Oliveri pans offer an impressive warranty of up to 20 years.

Lafeme Sesto: Enjoy ultimate comfort with remote-controlled heated seating and a deodoriser for a refreshing experience. With a WELS 4-Star rating, it’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise performance. The compact and sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any space. Stay worry-free with the auto-flush function, self-cleaning glaze and anti-bacterial seat.

Geberit Zara: The round design adds a touch of sophistication to your space while the wall-hung style optimises room and enhances cleanliness. With a rimless bowl, cleaning becomes effortless, promoting a hygienic environment. Embrace water efficiency with a WELS 4-Star rating, offering powerful flushing performance while conserving water.

Why Shop with Bathroom Sales Direct?

For over four decades, Bathroom Sales Direct has been a trailblazer in the bathroomware industry. As a trusted supplier of quality products, we offer unbeatable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

With over 7,000 products in stock, rest assured that all items, including wall-hung toilet packages, are readily accessible and can be shipped nationwide across Australia. No matter if it’s for a new build, a renovation or a replacement, our team are ready to make sure that your purchase is quick and hassle-free.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

Elevate your bathroom’s style and functionality with our exclusive range of wall-hung toilet packages. Explore our range today and indulge in the finesse of contemporary design, expertly crafted for the discerning homeowner. Discover the allure of space-saving elegance and embark on a journey to transform your bathroom into a work of art.