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Metlam Australia: A Leader in Commercial Bathroom Excellence

Bathroom Sales Direct proudly showcases Metlam, an esteemed Australian brand leading the way in commercial washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware. With over two decades of innovation and commitment to quality, Metlam has become synonymous with durability, design excellence, and a comprehensive product range tailored for a multitude of spaces including businesses, as well as educational, healthcare, and public facilities.

Why Metlam Stands Apart

Metlam excels in offering a wide array of products that cater to the nuanced needs of modern washrooms. From the sleek Designer Black Range to the essential soap dispensers, shower seats, and highly sought-after antimicrobial products, Metlam ensures every aspect of washroom design is covered with excellence and elegance.

The brand is committed to sustainability and accessibility, with products designed to meet AS1428.1 compliance, ensuring inclusivity and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of their offerings.

Metlam’s Innovation & Design

Innovation is at the heart of Metlam’s product development. Their Designer Black series, including items like double towel rails, robe hooks, and soap dishes, showcases a commitment to combining functionality with contemporary design aesthetics. Metlam also emphasises safety and convenience with its range of grab rails, shower-related products, and baby change stations, all engineered for ease of use and maximum durability.

Your Ultimate Choice at Bathroom Sales Direct

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we place great importance on providing our customers with products that marry innovation with integrity. That’s why we’ve partnered with Metlam to bring you an assortment of washroom accessories that promise not only to meet your expectations but exceed them.

Regardless if you’re undertaking a high-density residential project, fitting out a commercial space, or upgrading a healthcare facility, Metlam’s extensive product line is designed to cater to every need. Explore Metlam’s range on Bathroom Sales Direct today, where quality meets unparalleled service.

With Australia-wide delivery and instant shipping on over 7,000 products, our dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to delivering the best in bathroomware make us the perfect companion for your next project.