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Make your bathroom feel like a spa and look like a showstopper. When you’re looking at showers for sale, you don’t need to choose between form and function with the hundreds of options from Bathroom Sales Direct. We make it easy to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home with our gorgeous shower heads, hand pieces, mounting arms and rail sets in a huge array of tones and finishes. 

Enjoy comfort, efficiency and stunning aesthetics no matter what type of bathroom decor you prefer.

Our shower supplies give your bathroom style and practicality

Shopping for shower supplies and shower accessories often entails trying to solve a spatial or design problem whilst not sacrificing the appearance of your bathroom. The good news is we can help you find the perfect solution that looks great and improves your bathroom’s efficiency simultaneously.

Some of our most popular shower solutions include:

  • Hand pieces for easy rinsing
  • Extra-large rainfall-style shower heads
  • Sliding rails and column sets to accommodate different shower head heights
  • Adjustable angle shower arms
  • Ceiling-mounted shower arms
  • Finishes that are easy to clean and maintain

We’ll gladly assist you with selecting the right shower supplies

Need a little help choosing the right product for your bathroom? Our experts will happily give you their professional advice. Bathroom Sales Direct brings over 40 years of experience in bathroom design to every customer consultation, so you get the best product for your design needs and budget.

You enjoy free shipping for orders under 20 kg

Bathroom Sales Direct is proud to say we are an Australian-owned business. We provide shipping across the entire country, and you pay nothing in shipping for parcels under 20 kg.

Give us a ring at (02) 8488 1564 during business hours, or reach out via our easy contact form anytime.


What are the best bathroom accessories?

The best bathroom accessories are high-quality pieces that work for your unique bathroom layout and your lifestyle. Everyone has different tastes and design needs. That’s why Australians like shopping with Bathroom Sales Direct. We have an enormous selection of shower accessories perfect for any taste. With our top-notch quality, you get the best in appearance, functionality and durability.

What type of shower supplies do you offer?

Bathroom Sales Direct offers a wide range of shower supplies and shower accessories, including mounting brackets and rails, shower heads, hand pieces and hoses. With so many sizes, configurations and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the right components for your bathroom design. We have showers for sale to fit small bathrooms as well as more luxurious large ones, whether you’re creating welcoming guest accommodations or a home spa for your primary bath.

Do shower heads fit all showers?

Whilst the diameter of an actual shower head or hand piece can vary— from compact sizes to extra large rainfall shower heads — the fitting where the shower head attaches is standardised. All of our shower heads and hand pieces will fit the standard ½ BSP (British Standard Pipe) threading that extends from the wall or ceiling. Furthermore, all of our mounting rails and brackets can be threaded in a ½ BSP threading to make mixing and matching shower accessories super easy.

What is the standard shower size in Australia?

As mentioned above, the fitting for shower heads and hand pieces in Australia is standardised to ½ BSP for convenience in buying or replacing shower components, including mounting rails and brackets. No matter what size shower arm or shower head you buy, they will always attach together seamlessly with standardised threading.

However, the size of shower heads and hand pieces can vary depending on your preference. You may want a smaller head for a tiny guest bath or kids’ bathroom, and you may prefer a larger head for the primary bath for more of a luxury experience. Likewise, you have a range of choices when it comes to height. If you have a low ceiling or a shower under the eaves of your roof, you may need to accommodate a shorter shower. Lower showers are also desirable for children’s baths and for those who use a bench or wheelchair. That’s why we offer so many options at Bathroom Sales Direct. You can get the ideal shower height you need with our many solutions like sliding rails, ceiling mounts and adjustable angle shower arms