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The simplicity and elegance of a matte white bath are unmatched by any other style in the bathroom design world. Clean lines and elegant design are a matte white bathtub’s classic features that make this fixture a long-standing favourite in Australian bathrooms. Browse the collection of matte white options in the Bathroom Sales Direct collection today to find the one that is a perfect fit for your space.

Create a calm and inviting space

In today’s modern world, with the fast-paced style of living, people rarely have the chance to stop and relax for a moment. Incorporating a matte white bathtub into your new bathroom design helps to create a space that invites you to take a minute to unwind in a stylish and comfortable setting. The collection of matte white baths in our catalogue offers a wide range of designs that can help you to turn your bathroom from a practical space into your own personal oasis.

Enhance your bathroom design

A bathroom that features a bathtub is a highly sought-after design element. The look and feel of a matte white bath is something that can serve to enhance your bathroom design, taking it from simple and stylish to elegant and decadent. A matte white bathtub can take your bathroom from being a room purely based on function to a space where the whole family can enjoy taking a pause to unwind from a stressful day and truly relax.

The practical features of a bath

Bathtubs are a wonderful inclusion in a bathroom. Every family member can enjoy spending time in the bath, from the kids having a splash to the adults taking some time for themselves. Whether free-standing or built-in, a matte white bathtub can be a beautiful inclusion in your new bathroom design.

Experts in bathroom design

With over 40 years of experience, Bathroom Sales Direct is an Australian-owned company that specialises in the design of stylish kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are seeking fittings and fixtures to update your existing bathroom, undertaking a complete renovation or completing the bathroom design in your new home, our team can assist you with any questions you may have when it comes to the items that will help to complete your vision.

Shop online or in-store

As a long-standing and trusted brand in bathroom and kitchen wares, Bathroom Sales Direct believes that Australians should have access to beautiful bathroom products no matter where in the country they are based. Shopping with us is as easy as browsing our comprehensive online store to find the styles that suit your tastes, or visiting our showroom in Smithfield, NSW, to discover the look and feel of our collection in person.

Australia-wide delivery

Each of our matte white bathtub designs can be delivered to your door. We use a combination of quality courier companies around the country to ensure that your bath can be delivered safely and on time, no matter where you live. For those close to our showroom, a pick-up is also an option that can save you the cost of delivery fees and see your beautiful new bath in place sooner than ever.

Find the matte white bath of your dreams today

By simply browsing through our store, you will discover that Bathroom Sales Direct features some of Australia’s most beautiful matte white bathtub designs. Shop online today or contact us to ensure that the bathtub you choose is just right for you. No matter how you shop with Bathroom Sales Direct, our team is here to ensure that you find the kind of bath that will blend perfectly with the style you have in mind to create the kind of bathroom you have always dreamed of.


Why should I choose a matte white bath?

When putting together a new bathroom design, choosing which fixtures should become your eye-catching features and which should remain understated can sometimes be difficult. A matte white bathtub is a large part of any bathroom design, but the elegant simplicity of the matte style will ensure that your bathtub will blend nicely with a range of décor elements.

What styles of matte white baths do you have?

In the Bathroom Sales Direct collection, you can find matte white baths that are freestanding in a wide range of shapes and styles. For smaller bathrooms, you can opt for a matte white bath that fits perfectly in a tucked-away corner of your new bathroom design. Our bath collection has a range of styles to suit almost every bathroom design.