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Experience the Elegance of Bathroom Vanities at Bathroom Sales Direct

Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our exquisite selection of bathroom vanities. Your bathroom is more than just a functional space; it’s a reflection of your taste and personality.

A well-chosen vanity can be the centrepiece that brings your entire bathroom together, providing not only style but also essential storage space to keep your bathroom clutter-free and organised. Explore our diverse range of bathroom vanities, each designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Highlighting the Bathroom Vanity Types

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we offer a wide selection of bathroom vanities to suit every bathroom layout. Whether you desire a freestanding vanity that maximises your bathroom space or a sleek wall-hung vanity that adds a modern touch, we have something for you. Our corner vanities are perfect for optimising smaller bathrooms, while our small vanities are a charm for ensuites and apartment bathrooms.

The Benefits of Freestanding Vanities

Our range of freestanding vanities is not only stylish but also an affordable option for elevating your bathroom’s aesthetics. With a range of materials, including ceramic, stone, and stained hardwood, you’ll find the perfect fit for your style. Embrace the versatility and functionality of freestanding vanities while ensuring your bathroom remains a practical and beautiful space.

Advantages of Wall-Hung Vanities

For those seeking a modern and sleek look, wall-hung vanities are the answer. Designed to make the most of smaller bathrooms, these vanities provide smart storage options, keeping your bathroom neat and spacious. Embrace the minimalist design while enjoying the convenience of a clutter-free bathroom.

The Perfect Fit with Corner Vanities

Corner vanities are ideal for those looking to optimise bathroom space without compromising on style. These cleverly designed vanities fit snugly into corners, offering much-needed storage space and a touch of elegance. Transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish haven with our selection of versatile corner vanities.

Compact Charm of Small Vanities

If you have limited space, small vanities are the perfect solution. Tailored for ensuites and apartment bathrooms, these compact vanities bring charm and functionality to even the smallest spaces. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to an organised and stylish bathroom.

Renowned Brands & Exquisite Craftsmanship

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we take pride in offering products from world-renowned manufacturers. Explore the impeccable craftsmanship of Fienza, renowned for its range of customisability options. Discover the innovative designs from Architectural Designer Products (ADP), offering a large selection of vanities. Indulge in the luxury vanities made out of hardwood timber or marble from Aulic. Quality and style are assured with our selection of renowned brands.

Create Your Dream Vanity

Unleash your creativity and design your perfect bathroom vanity. Our extensive range includes ready-made vanity units for quick and easy installation, as well as a variety of components, including cabinetry and basins. Customise your vanity to suit your unique tastes and preferences. Your dream bathroom starts here.

Explore the Full Range

Explore our range now to discover the full range of bathroom vanities at Bathroom Sales Direct. With our competitive prices, Australia-wide delivery and over four decades of experience, creating your dream bathroom has never been easier. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with our exquisite selection of bathroom vanities.