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Shower wastes play a subtle role in your bathroom’s aesthetic whilst helping water drain properly from your shower floor. At Bathroom Sales Direct, we have a huge range of shower wastes and grates to suit all kinds of showers and bathroom decor.

We have shower wastes, grates and channels to suit every need

Every shower is built differently, and every property owner has unique tastes. But you’ll always find the shower waste you need with our enormous selection, including:

To suit your individual decor preferences, our shower wastes come in a variety of colours and finishes, like gold, silver, bronze and brass tones, as well as matte black, which is very on-trend right now. Likewise, our shower grates are made to match many different metals and hues, including classic white for a clean, crisp look.

No matter the size of your shower, our range holds many sizes of shower waste to accommodate your needs. If you’re seeking a shower waste for a specific outlet size, we’re sure to have it at Bathroom Sales Direct. 

Order online for easy shopping and delivery straight to your door

Our catalogue of shower wastes makes it super simple to shop online for your shower waste or shower grate. Our Australian-owned business ships everywhere in Australia, and you pay no shipping fees if your order is under 20 kg.

If you have questions about our shower wastes or need other shower accessories, our team is always happy to help and bring you more than 40 years of experience in bathroom design. Ring Bathroom Sales Direct at (02) 8488 1564 for assistance or reach out online with our handy contact form any time you require a personal consultation.


What is a shower waste?

A shower waste, also known as a shower trap, is the connection between the floor of your shower and the waste pipe that runs beneath it to carry away dirty shower water. The point of the shower waste is to allow water to drain properly from the bottom of the shower so it doesn’t accumulate at your feet. It also traps hair and large items that shouldn’t go down the drain to prevent clogs in your waste line.

What is the difference between a shower waste and a shower grate?

A shower waste is a piece between your shower floor and the waste pipe. However, sometimes the waste is covered with a tile insert that blends with the bottom of the floor — you’ll find many models like that at Bathroom Sales Direct. Other times, a simple shower grate is used, which is the conventional metal screen that sits across the shower drain.

What type of shower waste do I need?

The type of shower waste you need depends on your bathroom decor preferences and the structure of your shower floor. You may prefer the simplicity of a shower grate, or you may wish to have a waste that blends in with your floor tile for a more seamless

look. A linear wedge wire or tile insert channel may be required for drainage along a long, thin area rather than the centre of the floor. If you’re not sure what kind of waste you need, our experts at Bathroom Sales Direct can help you choose the best one for your shower.

What size are shower wastes?

Shower wastes are not standardised in size on the shower floor side. In our catalogue, you’ll find a variety of sizes to work with based on the different types of tile and volumes of water removal. 

However, at the drain end, shower wastes are standardised to fit several sizes of outlet diameters, such as 77, 80, 90 and 100 mm, depending on how fast the outlet allows water to drain. The bigger the outlet, the faster the water drains from the shower. You want to know the outlet size you’re dealing with before purchasing shower wastes.

How do I install a shower waste? 

The process of installing a shower waste depends on the model you choose and the plumbing in your property. Most people elect to have a professional plumber do this job to ensure it’s done properly. Otherwise, you could wind up with a poorly draining shower or water damage. If you plan to install a shower waste yourself, we recommend you talk to our expert team, and they can give you instructions for specific models.

Are shower wastes compatible with all types of shower floors?

No matter what kind of shower floor you have, we have a shower waste that will work with it. Most wastes are compatible with many kinds of floors; however, not all shower wastes work with all types of floors. If you’re not sure which type of waste will work with your particular shower floor, we’re happy to help you select an appropriate model.

How do I maintain and clean my shower waste?

You should follow the instructions that come with your shower waste regarding routine cleaning, as cleaning methods will be based on the materials used in the waste. Usually, using a gentle cleansing routine several times per week will be sufficient for keeping it looking nice, like soapy water with a microfibre cloth. Your instructions will also include tips on how to handle clogs should they occur. Most

shower wastes have easy ways to remove the upper portion to access the trap beneath in order to remove hair and other unwanted material.

How do I know if my shower waste is blocked?

If you cannot visualise a blockage on the surface of your shower waste, you’re likely to know it’s blocked on the underside when your shower doesn’t drain as quickly anymore. The larger the blockage, the more quickly water will accumulate in the bottom of the shower.

Can I buy a shower waste online in Australia?

It’s easy to buy a shower waste online in Australia. Simply browse our internet catalogue of shower wastes and shower grates at Bathroom Sales Direct. If you have questions about models, our team is always ready to assist over the phone or online. Add the model you like to your cart, head to checkout, and we’ll ship it directly to you.

What is the warranty on a shower waste? 

The warranty on a shower waste depends on the model and manufacturer. But we always stand behind our products and want you to be completely happy with your choice. Your shower waste should give you years or even decades of use. If you have any problems with materials or workmanship, please reach out to our team to let us know.