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Wall-Faced Toilet Packages: Sleek & Space-Saving

Transform your bathroom into a modern oasis with our exclusive range of wall-faced toilet packages. Combining style, functionality, and space-saving design, these sophisticated products are a must-have for any contemporary bathroom.

Why Choose Wall-Faced Toilet Packages?

  • Space-Saving Elegance: Making the most out of the space in your bathroom has always been important. That’s why our range of wall-faced toilets features concealed cisterns and a sleek design, allowing you to reclaim valuable floor space. Whether you have a compact apartment or a spacious home, these toilets blend seamlessly with any layout.
  • Easy to Clean: Say goodbye to those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Our wall-faced toilets make cleaning a breeze, as they eliminate the need to reach around the base. Enjoy a hygienic and low-maintenance bathroom, leaving you more time to relax and unwind.
  • Water Efficiency: At Bathroom Sales Direct, we prioritise sustainability without compromising performance. Our wall-faced toilet packages come equipped with water-saving features, ensuring you contribute to a greener environment while saving on utility bills.

The Bathroom Sales Direct Advantage

With over 40 years of industry experience, we have curated an extensive collection of wall-faced toilets from renowned brands such as Nero, Geberit, Lafeme, and more. Whether you seek contemporary chic or timeless elegance, we have the perfect match for your bathroom.

  • Best Prices Guaranteed: At Bathroom Sales Direct, we are committed to offering the best prices without compromising on quality. Our strong relationships with top brands allow us to pass on incredible savings to our valued customers.
  • Ready-to-Ship Convenience: In new home builds, add-ons or renovations, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms and often needs to be completed quickly. That’s why all our wall-faced toilets are readily available in stock, ensuring a swift delivery to any location within Australia.

Design Your Dream Bathroom

  • Expert Assistance: Our team is dedicated to making your dream bathroom a reality. We are here to assist you in choosing your ideal wall-faced toilet package.
  • Complete the Look: We’re your one-stop shop for all your bathroom needs. Enhance your bathroom space further with our wide selection of accessories, vanities, showers, and more. Create a cohesive and stunning bathroom ensemble that’s perfect for you.

Bring Your Bathroom into the Modern Day

Upgrade your bathroom with our elegant and space-saving wall-faced toilets. At Bathroom Sales Direct, you’ll find the best prices, quality products, and personalised service to create the bathroom of your dreams. Explore our diverse range of wall-faced toilet packages today and embark on a journey of luxury and comfort. Let us help you design a bathroom that effortlessly blends style and functionality.