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Grab Rails And Accessories

Reduce the risk of falling and increase the safety in your bathroom with a set of grab rails from Bathroom Sales Direct. Make your home safe for seniors, individuals with disabilities and children alike so you can live with peace of mind that your loved ones are supported. Whether it’s for the shower, tub or rail area, we’ve got the bathroom accessories you need to keep your home safe.

A disabled grab rail or shower grab rail improves safety

Slippery surfaces, unsure footing, loss of balance and non-ambulatory status are all improved by placing grab rails strategically in the bathroom. If a senior citizen wants to remain independent but needs help getting out of the shower, a shower grab rail can give them something to hold onto whilst stepping onto the bath mat. For disabled individuals, toilet grab rails allow them to use the facilities independently as well and decrease the risk of accidents.

We have grab rails for all kinds of bathroom configurations

Everyone’s bathroom and grab rail needs are unique, but at Bathroom Sales Direct,

we have you covered with a wide range of products to improve bathroom safety. We have straight or angled grab rails in different lengths, along with grab rails integrated with toilet seat backrests.

Other grab rail features include:

  • Left- or right-handed angled grab rails
  • Flip-up rails (ideal when others who don’t need rails use the bath or for small spaces)
  • U-shaped rails for alongside the toilet
  • Grab rails combined with towel rails
  • Grab rails made with antimicrobial surfaces for toilet use

Order your grab rails online for easy shopping today

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we offer a range of bathroom supplies designed for safety. Whether you need grab rails or other disabled bathroom supplies, such as specialty shower products, we’ve got you covered. Our Australian-owned business ships throughout Australia, and we don’t charge shipping on orders under 20 kg. 

If you have questions about grab rails and our other products for the disabled, feel free to contact our team for assistance. Contact Bathroom Sales Direct at (02) 8488 1564 during business hours, or reach out online any time.


What is the Australian Standard for grab rails?

The Australian Standard for grab rails, or AS1428.1, is a set of parameters for installing grab rails in public buildings. If you are purchasing grab rails from Bathroom Sales Direct for use in a public space, you should consult with your government to ensure you’re using the most current AS1428.1 rules, as they are updated periodically. Even if you’re not required to follow AS1428.1 for grab rail installation on your personal property, the regulations are a good starting point for home installation. Consulting with an occupational therapist can also help you determine the proper installation for your needs.

Some of the AS1428.1 concerns include:Making sure grab rails are properly mounted to take the weight of people

  • Using them
  • Selecting grab rails that contrast with the surrounding environment for those who are visually impaired
  • Ensuring the diameter of the hand grab provides a comfortable grip for the user (which may be narrower for small adults and children)
  • Creating distance between the grab rail and the wall to accommodate the user’s hands (usually about 50-60 mm)
  • Choosing a slip-resistant surface if the grab rail is to be used in a wet environment
  • Placing rails at different angles depending on where they are used, e.g., both horizontally and vertically around a toilet or horizontally and at a 45-degree angle in a shower next to a bench

What is the difference between grab rails and hand rails?

Grab rails are used in bathrooms to help people utilise the toilet, shower, and bathtub. Hand rails are used to assist people going up or down stairs.

What are grab rails used for?

Grab rails help people with both short-term and long-term disabilities use bathroom elements safely. These rails help people raise and lower themselves, provide support when moving and can take the weight of people who cannot stand on their own. Whilst you may be familiar with grab rails for seniors and people with disabilities, they are also commonly installed for those who need temporary assistance, such as after surgery or an accident or during recuperation from a serious illness.

Where should disabled grab rails be placed?

The placement of grab rails varies depending on who is using them and the space where they are being utilised — unless they are being installed in a public place, in which case they need to follow AS1428.1 (see above). For example, grab rails being used to assist a disabled child will be placed at a lower height than those used for a senior adult. An occupational therapist can help you determine the best placement for your grab rails.

What are the different types of grab rails available?

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we have many kinds of grab rails for various needs, including:

  • Straight grab rails in different lengths
  • 90-degree grab rails
  • 30- and 40-degree grab rails
  • Combined grab rails and towel rails
  • Left-handed and right-handed grab rails
  • U-shaped rails
  • Flip-up rails
  • Toilet backrests
  • Grab rails with integrated toilet backrests
  • Toilet grab rails with antimicrobial surfaces

Can grab rails be installed on tiled walls?

Yes, grab rails can be installed on tiled walls, but they should never be attached directly to the tile surface. Instead, the installer should drill through the tile (or remove it and reattach it) so that the grab rail is affixed to wooden studs in the wall behind the tile. You may have to use a grab rail that is slightly longer than you need to reach between two studs.

Are grab rails easy to install?

Grab rails are relatively easy to install for someone who is experienced. As mentioned above, the key part of the process is locating studs behind the wall to which to attach the rail mounting pieces. If you’re not comfortable installing your own grab rails, it’s a simple job for a professional, who likely has the tools to locate studs, drill through tile and other firm surfaces and properly mount grab rails. A professional can also assist if your shower has a fibreglass surround, where you need an extension piece between the surround and the stud for safe mounting.