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The aesthetics of an under basin are unique in a modern bathroom. Under basins are an understated and subtle element of bathroom design that provides a practical function in addition to their stylish elements. Browse the smooth and elegant under basin collection online at Bathroom Sales Direct today to find the ideal shape and size to fit perfectly with your new bathroom design.

The style elements of an under basin

Under basins are a relatively new concept in the world of bathroom design. Unlike their more traditional basin counterparts, this modern style is designed to be a subtle feature in your bathroom that doesn’t draw the eye. Perfect for a minimalist look or to allow the focus to be drawn to other parts of the décor, an under basin provides wonderful hygiene and functionality while adding a stylish feature to your bathroom.

A wonderfully hygienic choice

When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, there are several choices you can make in your initial design that will make regular cleaning a breeze. The great thing about an under basin is that it sits flush with the surrounding vanity leaving no tight or hard-to-reach corners that can make bathroom cleaning difficult.

A wide range of quality basin options

At Bathroom Sales Direct, we have always prided ourselves on curating a collection of basins from some of the finest bathroom designers in the world. Our focus is on the use of quality materials, including vitreous china, ceramic and stone options from names that you can trust in the world of bathroom wares. The under basin collection that you will find in our online store incorporates big international names, such as Architectural Design Products (ADP), Poseidon and Mercio.

A basin that can be styled in many ways

One of the greatest features of an under basin is that it can be paired with a wide range of vanities and surrounding cabinetry for a unique finish. This is one of the most versatile basin choices you can make for your bathroom and can be finished in any way that you see fit. Under basins are commonly paired with stone and marble countertops for an elegant finish, but they can also be used in conjunction with a more traditional and classic oak or wooden vanity.

Many ways to shop

Our mission at Bathroom Sales Direct is to make buying under basins and all of your other bathroom wares as simple as possible, no matter where you live in Australia. We have a showroom in Smithfield, NSW, where you can come in and experience the look and feel of our wares before deciding to purchase and for those further afield, our online store offers our complete range of products. Our team is on hand to assist at any stage of your purchase, so you are always welcome to contact us for expert assistance and advice.

Australia-wide delivery

With our online shopping service comes our Australia-wide delivery service, which makes the process quick and convenient for you to receive your chosen products quickly and efficiently. No matter where you are based in Australia, we can ensure that your products are safely and securely delivered to your door.

Expert bathroom advice

With our expert, trusted bathroom specialists, you can create the bathroom of your dreams with Bathroom Sales Direct. Whether you are simply looking for an under basin to add to your existing décor or you’re designing a completely new bathroom from the ground up, our team can help with answering any questions you have and provide expert advice and assistance to ensure that you get exactly the kind of bathroom you have been dreaming of.


Will under-basins work for larger bathroom designs?

The beauty of the under basin style is that it can be incorporated into almost any style of vanity or countertop. For larger bathrooms, dual under basins can be installed into larger vanities to fill the space and provide a practical and functional bathroom fixture.

How does an under basin differ from a normal basin?

Under basins are different because they are inset into a vanity unit, with the edges completely flush with the countertop. An under basin is not a standalone basin and must be paired with a countertop for it to be inset into as opposed to other basins, which can be fixed directly to the wall or come as part of an existing vanity unit. They are the easiest basin style to keep clean and offer a subtle element to your bathroom design.