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Keep your toilet paper on hand with our range of toilet roll holders!

The importance of having a toilet roll holder in your bathroom cannot be understated. From keeping your toilet paper within reach to ensuring it remains clean, having a toilet roll holder is essential. At Bathroom Sales Direct, we offer a diverse selection of toilet roll holders in a variety of designs to match your aesthetics while remaining functional.

Match your toilet paper holder to your bathroom decor

Your toilet roll holder should be a reflection of your bathroom’s interior design style or match the toilet suite. That’s why we have so many paper holder options, so you can pick one with the right features for you, such as:

  • Various metal finishes, like gold, silver, brass and bronze
  • Matte or shiny surfaces
  • Sleek black or classic white hues
  • Open or closed bars
  • Modern or traditional designs
  • Easy mounting systems

We carry many of the top brands, including Nero, Ovia, Modern National, Meir, Fienza and Aquaperla.

Consider a double paper holder for busy bathrooms

Do you have a bathroom that sees a lot of traffic, whether from kids or frequent guests? Never leave anyone rummaging for a fresh paper roll when you use a double paper holder that accommodates two rolls simultaneously. You’ll always have a spare handy, which any user will appreciate.

No shipping charges on toilet roll holder orders under 20 kg

Bathroom Sales Direct is an Australian-owned company that ships Australia-wide. Order online and have your bathroom accessories shipped directly to your home, and pay no shipping fees on parcels under 20 kg!

If you need assistance selecting a toilet paper holder or need to know more about your favourite models, our expert team with over 40 years of bathroom design experience is here to help you. Ring us at (02) 8488 1564, or get in touch via our online form to let us know how we can assist.


What type of toilet paper holders do you offer?

Bathroom Sales Direct carries virtually every type of toilet paper holder you could want from all the major brands, so you’re sure to find one that works for your bathroom style and your personal needs. We sell the top brands in a variety of sizes and configurations, as well as many different finishes and designs, from traditional to contemporary.

Some of our most popular finishes include different metal hues, from warm gold, bronze and brass to cool silver and brushed nickel. We also have classic black and crisp white holders to match your decor.

You’ll find toilet roll holders with roll covers too, plus European pin lever designs in addition to fixed holders. If you want to keep an extra roll to hand or if you have a busy bath, we suggest a double toilet paper roll holder, which allows you to have two

paper rolls accessible at once.


How do I install a toilet paper holder?


Each toilet paper holder at Bathroom Sales Direct has its own mounting instructions. Typically, there are a few screws that attach the paper holder to the desired surface, covered by a piece that matches the holder for a seamless look. If you don’t have the tools to install a paper holder yourself, it’s a quick and easy job for a handyperson.


What is the standard size for toilet paper holders?


Toilet paper holders are designed to fit a standard-size paper roll widthwise, which is between about 10 and 12 cm wide. Toilet roll holders come in different depths, though. If you prefer to use jumbo or ultra plush paper rolls, look for a toilet paper holder that extends a bit further from the mounting surface, or use a European-style pin lever design. With this style of paper holder, the bar that holds the paper roll swings freely, giving you more flexibility with roll size.


Where to put the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?


In a small bathroom, you may not have as many options for where to put the toilet paper holder, but you still want it close to the toilet for convenience. Most people mount their toilet roll holders on the side of a vanity or on the wall adjacent to or directly opposite the toilet. The key is to attach it to a firm surface so the holder doesn’t jiggle, and it makes pulling the paper off the roll easy.


How far should a toilet paper holder be from the toilet?


Your toilet paper holder should always be within arm’s reach of the toilet, but no further. This usually translates to about 30 cm maximum. It should not be too high either but about 66 cm above the floor.


Think about who uses your bathroom and mount the toilet roll holder accordingly. If you have seniors, children, or someone who is disabled using the bath or powder room, you may want to move your toilet paper holder a little closer to the toilet for comfort.


If you’re not sure how far is too far from the toilet, sit on the toilet seat lid and do a test run for yourself. You’ll quickly discover what is convenient and what is too far away. Usually, there is a spot on the wall or on a nearby vanity where you can discreetly mount the holder well within reach.